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"I have fished the surf of NC for over 35 years and have strived to make longer, more accurate cast. While I have always been able to cast further than most on the beach around me, I always knew there was more there. I worked with my two fishing buddies and tried to get them more distance as well.

"We finally decided to make an appointment with Tommy and see what he could do to help us. Within three hours he had all of us reaching distances we had never come close to before. Tommy gave me an extra 40% and the tools to continue to increase my distance. One of my buddies increased his distance by 55% and the other a full 66%. This is using our equipment with no adjustments. One of the best things about the lesson, he showed me and my buddy that has bad shoulders how to cast and not hurt the shoulder and still make huge gains in distance.

"My next step is to get some of his Cast Pro equipment to even further increase my distance.

"So if you don't want to be the guy on the beach wondering why the guys that just pulled in are catching fish when you have been there all day, go see Tommy and let him show you the proper way to make true long distance casts."

Barry Bost


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High N DRY waders
High N DRY waders
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North Carolina surf fishing Cape Hatteras
shim "Surf fishing Fort Fisher and Carolina Beach are my favorite local fishing spots. And during the spring and fall I love surf fishing Cape Hatteras for Red Drum and Striper. Fighting and landing a big Red Drum from the surf is very exciting, and challenging. Surf Fishing led me to long distance casting. In turn, this sparked my interest in competitive distance casting."
- Tommy

Tommy Farmer